Paints and Accessories

Paints and Accessories

Paints and Accessories

Adhesives to build and Acrylic Paints, Filters, Washes and Weathering products from MIG, AK Interactive, Vallejo and Tamiya in order to style and indivdualise your model exactly how you want to.

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Revell Contacta Professional 25g

Artikel-Nr.: RV39604

3,50 *
Versandgewicht: 35 g

AK Real Colour Set - NATO Colours

Artikel-Nr.: AKRCS021

10,00 *
Versandgewicht: 174 g

MIG Slow dry cyanoacrylate

Artikel-Nr.: AMIG8013

5,50 *
Versandgewicht: 35 g

MIG Wargame 1945 Late German Set

Artikel-Nr.: AMIG7118

12,50 / Set(s) *
Versandgewicht: 200 g

MIG Ukraine ATO Colours

Artikel-Nr.: AMIG7125

12,50 / Set(s) *
Versandgewicht: 200 g

AV Vallejo Game Colour Introduction Set

Artikel-Nr.: VAL72299

33,00 / Set(s) *
Versandgewicht: 560 g
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AK Interactive

AK-Interactive is a dynamic Spanish company that develops innovative products in the world of modeling.

AV Vallejo

AV Vallejo manufacture products including Acrylic Artist Color, Acrylic Studio, Inks, Gouaches, Liquid Water Color, Varnishes and Mediums.

Mig Jimenez

Mig Jimenez

AMMO of Mig Jimenez is now, without a doubt, the most experienced company in the world in weathering products and modeling effects.


Revell is the well-known brand name today renowned for quality scale models, paints and accessories.