Military Models

Military Models

Browse our selection of militry models. If you dont see what you are looking for, please email us at and we will try to assist you.

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Plastic Soldier German SdKfz 251/D Halftrack Varients

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20016

22,99 € / Karton(s) *

Plastic Soldier Allied M4A1 Sherman Tank

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20004

18,50 € *

Plastic Soldier British Churchill Tank

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20017

17,59 € *

Plastic Soldier Allied M5 Halftrack

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20013

18,50 € *

SU-100 Tank Destroyer

Artikel-Nr.: HB99031

8,50 € *

Sd. Kfz 251/9 Stummel

Artikel-Nr.: HB99032

8,50 € / Karton(s) *


Artikel-Nr.: HBRR001

21,50 € *

Airfix 1/32 Bamboo House

Artikel-Nr.: HBA06382

14,50 € *

Airfix 1/32 Monty's Humber

Artikel-Nr.: HBA05360

11,75 € *

Airfix 1/48 Supacat Coyote

Artikel-Nr.: HBA06302

17,50 € *

Airfix 1/32 Strongpoint

Artikel-Nr.: HBA06380

13,50 € *

Airfix 1/48 WMIK Land Rover / Snatch Land Rover

Artikel-Nr.: HBA06301

17,50 € *

Airfix 1/72 WWII USAAF Personnel

Artikel-Nr.: HBA01748

3,50 € *

Airfix 1/72 WWII Luftwaffe Personnel

Artikel-Nr.: HBA01755

3,50 € *

Miniart 1:35 Personenwagen Type 170V Saloon

Artikel-Nr.: MIN35203

34,99 € *
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Armourfast Military Models have been established for over 20 years and the aim is to create a range of military 1/72 models that is affordable, accurate and varied enough to engage the seasoned modeller and wargamer as well as encourage the novices. 

Plastic Soldier Company

Plastic Soldier Company

A range of high-quality miniatures using modern hard plastics. This means that he can help wargamers wanting to build their armies rapidly and at the best possible value for money.



Valiant Miniatures produce high quality 1/72 (i.e. 1inch/25mm = 6 feet) scale World War Two hard plastic figure sets for gamers, modellers and collectors. All our plastic products are manufactured in the UK from hard plastic 



Airfix is a UK manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic scale model kits of aircraft and other objects. In the United Kingdom the name Airfix is synonymous with plastic models of this type, often simply referred to as "an airfix kit" even if made by another manufacturer