Plastic Soldier Company

Plastic Soldier Company

Plastic Soldier Company

A range of high-quality miniatures using modern hard plastics. This means that he can help wargamers wanting to build their armies rapidly and at the best possible value for money.

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Plastic Soldier Allied M4A1 Sherman Tank

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20004

18,50 € *

Plastic Soldier Allied M5 Halftrack

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20013

18,50 € *

Plastic Soldier British Churchill Tank

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20017

17,59 € *

Plastic Soldier German SdKfz 251/D Halftrack Varients

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20016

22,99 € / Karton(s) *

Plastic Soldier German Pak 38 anti tank gun

Artikel-Nr.: HBG20003

17,99 € *

Plastic Soldier Late War British Infantry 1944-45

Artikel-Nr.: HB020002

11,50 € *

Plastic Soldier Russian T34 76/85

Artikel-Nr.: HBV20001

18,50 € *
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