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Revell Contacta Professional 25g

Product no.: RV39604

£3.20 *
In stock, ships within 24 hours
Delivery weight: 35 g

AK Real Colour Set - NATO Colours

Product no.: AKRCS021

£9.00 *
In stock, ships within 24 hours
Delivery weight: 174 g

MIG Slow dry cyanoacrylate

Product no.: AMIG8013

£5.00 *
In stock, ships within 24 hours
Delivery weight: 35 g

MIG 1945 Late German Set

Product no.: AMIG7118

£11.00 *
In stock, ships within 24 hours
Delivery weight: 195 g
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AK Interactive


With a unique passion for creation and innovation, AK-Interactive is a dynamic Spanish company that develops innovative products in the world of modeling. Since its creation in 2009 the company has grown and evolved adapting to the needs of modelers, thanks to all its departments, which incorporate the most brilliant professionals in the sector. The products that you can find here have been developed thanks to the work of a professional team.
Our products are usually used by most modelers from all over the world, both experts and newcomers.

AV Vallejo


The Vallejo company was registered in New Jersey, U.S.A., in the year 1965. In these early years it specialized in the manufacture of colors for animated films (cartoons). The most sustained expansion of Vallejo started in the nineties, beginning with the introduction of new products directed at the Modelpainting and Hobby sector. The company became the first specialist in acrylic colors, with a long and varied experience in all aspects of this branch of manufacturing.

Mig Jimenez

Mig Jimenez

AMMO of Mig Jimenez is now, without a doubt, the most experienced company in the world in weathering products and modeling effects. All of this experience is now within your reach, in the most comprehensive collection of modeling products available, created and perfected over many years through the hard work and experiences of a modeler: Mig Jimenez.