Revell is the well-known brand name today used by two distinct manufacturers of scale plastic models. The original American Revell eventually merged with Monogram. In 2007, American Revll was purchased by Hobbico. By contrast, Eurpoean Revell Germany seperated from the American company in 2006 until Hobbico purchased it, bringing the two back together again under the same company umbrella.

Revell Germany uses a difficulty scale that ranges from 1 to 5. Except for skill-level 1, all kits require paint and glue for assembly, with number of parts determining the level of difficulty:

  • Skill-level 1 kits require no glue or paint.
  • Skill-level 2 kits have up to 30 parts.
  • Skill-level 3 kits have up to 100 parts.
  • Skill-level 4 kits have up to 150 parts.
  • Skill-level 5 kits have over 150 parts.

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Revell Contacta Professional 25g

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Revell Contacta Professional Glue is ideal for model-making projects, allowing you to achieve extremely precise adhesion for plastics.