Valiant Miniatures produce high quality 1/72 (i.e. 1inch/25mm = 6 feet) scale World War Two hard plastic figure sets for gamers, modellers and collectors. All our plastic products are manufactured in the UK from hard plastic 

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Valiant Rapid Ruin French House / Shop

Product no.: HBRR001

£18.00 *
In stock, ships within 24 hours

Valiant American GI's 1942-44

Product no.: HBVM0003

£11.49 *

Valiant British Tommies 1944-45

Product no.: HBVM0001

£14.99 *

Valiant Classic German Infantry 1994-45

Product no.: HBVM0002

£14.99 *

Valiant Germans in Normandy 1944

Product no.: HBVM0004

£14.99 *

Valiant German IF8 Infantry Cart

Product no.: HBVM0005

£8.49 *

Valiant German Paratroopers

Product no.: HBVM0006

£8.49 *

Valiant German leFH 18 105mm Howitzer and Crew

Product no.: HBVM0007

£6.99 *

Valiant German Paratroop Heavy Weapons

Product no.: HBVM0010

£8.99 *
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