Our innovative selection creates new possibilities
At MiniArt we take great pride in our choice of kits. You won’t find warmed-over remakes or run-of-the-mill models. We take pains to select subject matter that has either never been done in a plastic kit, or has never been done to our high standards for quality and accuracy. Our selective choices generate new opportunities for serious modellers to enrich their imagination.

Quality beyond the ordinary
In creating tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, we cut no corners. No facet is too small for special attention. Photo etched parts are used liberally to highlight details rarely exposed in other kits. Accessories like ammo boxes, artillery shells, oil drums, even small pails, are perfect. Where else will you find instructions in color to help you navigate finishing touches?

Only life’s figures are more convincing
And while selection is crucial to your enjoyment, quality is also an integral part of every MiniArt kit. We’ve raised the art of figure-making to a new level. We begin with sketches that craft a framework for poses and positions. Then, as part of the molding process, our figures are sculptured by an artisan adept at capturing each facial crease and nuanced detail. These figures are so real you can almost feel their emotion. At times, you’ll even be able to discern nationalities by the crop of the hair, the jut of the jaw, and their facial expressions. Marching, resting, working and battle poses are natural and in synch with anatomical accuracy. Only reality’s figures are more believable.

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Miniart 1/35 T54-1 Soviet Tank with interior

N.º de producto: MIN37003

55,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 1.160 g

Miniart 1/35 Personenwagen Type 170V Saloon

N.º de producto: MIN35203

35,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 355 g

Miniart 1/35 German Artillery Crew - Special Edition

N.º de producto: MIN35192

11,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 110 g

Miniart 1/35 German Armoured Car Crew

N.º de producto: MIN35072

9,50 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 70 g

Miniart 1/35 USV-BR 76mm Gun Mod.1941

N.º de producto: MIN35129

35,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 405 g

Miniart German Infantry Weapons & Equipment

N.º de producto: MIN35247

11,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 90 g

Miniart 1/35 German SPG Crew Riders

N.º de producto: MIN35054

9,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 75 g

Miniart 1/35 Bergepanzer T-60 (r)

N.º de producto: MIN35239

37,50 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 500 g

Miniart 1/35 German Rocket Launcher

N.º de producto: MIN35269

23,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 310 g

Nuevo Miniart 1/35 M3 Lee Late Production

N.º de producto: MIN35214

44,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 585 g

Miniart 1/35 Soviet Infantry Weapons & Equipment

N.º de producto: MIN35304

10,00 / Kit(s) *
Peso de entrega: 80 g
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Miniart 1/35 scale models are available in many varieties from WWII vehicles and figures to diorama bases and buildings.