Tamiya 1/35 U.S. Utility Truck M151A1

Tamiya 1/35 U.S. Utility Truck M151A1

Référence: 35334
20,00 / Kit(s)
Poids du colis: 165 g


1959 marked the first appearance of the M151, a vehicle which stood the test of time and served the U.S. military for a number of years. Based on a lightweight semi-monocoque and independent suspension with coil springs, it represented a leap forward in design from WWII predecessors. The M151A1 was an evolution of the vehicle which debuted in 1964 and featured design tweaks such as rear suspension improvements and turn signals on the front fenders. This versatile vehicle could be seen deployed in many different roles during the Vietnam War.


Produit Remarque Statut Prix
RV39604 RV39604
3,50 €
AMIG7003 AMIG7003
9,00 € / ensemble(s)
AMIG2002 AMIG2002
3,80 € / bouteille(s)
AMIG1508 AMIG1508
3,50 € / boîte(s)
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