Master Box

Master Box

Master Box

Master Box 1/35 scale kits are prediminantly figures and military vehicles. The kits of figures depict scenes from the American Civil War through to Modern War theatres such as Iraq, with the main emphasis on WWII. The military vehicles are again mostly from the WWII era.

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Master Box 1/35 German British Infantrymen WWI

Productnr.: MB35116

16,50 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 185 g

Master Box 1/35 Soviet Marines & German Infantry

Productnr.: MB35152

7,50 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 77 g

Master Box 1/35 German Tank Crew

Productnr.: MB3507

7,50 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 60 g


Productnr.: MB35108

11,00 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 70 g

Master Box 1/35 US Soldiers Operation Overlord 1944

Productnr.: MB35130

12,50 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 100 g


Productnr.: MB24004

6,50 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 57 g
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1/35 scale model kits of figures and vehicles by  Maser Box from a variety of theatres of war.


1/24th scale figures from Master Box depicting scenes of modern life, American pin ups and mythological figures.