Academy was established on 1st September 1969 in Korea and is known for its technology in manufacturing of all variety in manufacturing toys of all variety including plastic models and educational kits based on technology of mould production and injection.

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Academy 1/35 German King Tiger Last Production

Productnr.: ACA13229

55,00 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 770 g

Academy 1/35 M-18 Hellcat

Productnr.: ACA13255

26,00 / Kit(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 455 g
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1/35 scale model kits from Academy mostly focusing on military vehicles from the WWII era.


1/72 scale kits from Academy Models including military vehicles and airplanes and helicopters.


1/48th scale kits from Academy are mostly aircraft and include mutli coloured parts reducing the need for painting.