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With a unique passion for creation and innovation, AK-Interactive is a dynamic Spanish company that develops innovative products in the world of modeling. Since its creation in 2009 the company has grown and evolved adapting to the needs of modelers, thanks to all its departments, which incorporate the most brilliant professionals in the sector. The products that you can find here have been developed thanks to the work of a professional team.
Our products are usually used by most modelers from all over the world, both experts and newcomers.

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AK Interactive Modelling Grey Putty 20ml

Productnr.: AK00104

5,00 *

AK Interactive Modelling White Putty 20ml

Productnr.: AK00103

5,00 *


Productnr.: AKRCS021

10,00 *
Aflevergewicht: 174 g

AK Heavy Muddy Weathering Set

Productnr.: AK077

16,50 / set(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 210 g

AK Interactive Chipping Essentials Set

Productnr.: AK138

19,00 / set(s) *
Aflevergewicht: 170 g

AK Interactive Wash - Fresh Mud 35 ml

Productnr.: AK016

5,00 / fles(sen) *

AK Interactive German Colour Set

Productnr.: AK00560

18,00 / set(s) *


Productnr.: AK00023

5,00 / fles(sen) *


Productnr.: AK03250

15,00 / set(s) *

AK Interactive MERDC Camouflage colour set

Productnr.: AK04230

20,00 *
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The AK interactive acrylic paint offers a full types of acrylics paints for your models. 17ml bottle or in sets. For brush or airbrush.

Filters / Washes

Washes and filters from AK Interactive are used to blend contrasting colours and highlight specific features of your model.


Weathering products from AK Interactive used to enhance your model, used to bring it to life.